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Volunteer Angels

Information on Program

Volunteer Angels Are A Valuable Part of Bridgton Hospital

Volunteer Angels - the name we have given to the corps of volunteers who provide countless hours of unpaid service to Bridgton Hospital - are an essential part of the compassionate and high- quality care patients and visitors receive at Bridgton Hospital.

Our volunteers provide supplemental services to hospital staff and departments. Volunteer Angels are among the hospital’s most important representatives. They are often the first contact visitors and patients have when arriving at the hospital. Our volunteers offer courteous assistance to all they serve - patients, visitors and hospital staff.

Interested in Being a Volunteer Angel?

Our Director of Volunteer Angel Services, interviews prospective volunteers. She will find out what your skills and interests are and discuss possible assignments and necessary training. We ask that volunteers give at least four hours of their time every week. In most cases, volunteers work under the direction of the hospital employees they are assigned to.

For more information, email Susan Hedrich or call 297-795-2472.