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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

At Bridgton Hospital, Many Surgeries Are Done Laparoscopically

Laparoscopic procedures employ miniaturized high-tech cameras and surgical implements. These special surgical instruments are introduced into the body through tiny incisions. This type of surgery usually results in faster healing and fewer complications. It is also known as "minimally invasive" surgery.

Laparoscopic surgeries at Bridgton Hospital range from basic to more advanced procedures. We offer hernia repair, gallbladder and appendix removal. More complex laparoscopic surgeries include bowel and colon resections, hiatal hernia repair and hysterectomies.

Most surgical services offered at Bridgton Hospital are done on a day surgery basis, meaning that patients do not have to stay overnight.

For more information about surgical procedures at Bridgton Hospital, call 207-647-6000.