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Bridgton Hospital Offers Digital Mammography Services;
Mammograms Save Lives Every Year

Bridgton Hospital offers mammograms in the Rosina Carlisle Mammography Suite. A mammogram – a simple and painless breast X-ray procedure -- has saved many women's lives.

The American Cancer Society recommends a screening mammogram at age 40, and then an annual mammogram. In some cases, younger women may be screened and/or have a diagnostic mammogram earlier, if a lump is detected or other symptoms are present.

No matter your age, always discuss breast abnormalities with your primary care provider. If you are over 40, discuss a screening mammogram with your healthcare provider. If you are low-income, or uninsured and worried about cost, Maine has a program that offers free mammograms: The Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program.

Bridgton Hospital, like most hospitals today, uses digital mammography equipment, which provide a more accurate image than previous X-ray technologies. The images are examined by a radiologist and patients are notified of the results. Mammograms, combined with self-exams and a yearly exam by your physician, help discover abnormalities.

Preparing for a Mammogram

Before your mammogram: Be sure not to use any deodorants, crèmes or powders under your arms or near your breasts. Healthcare specialists also suggest reducing caffeine consumption a week or two prior to your appointment,
if you have tender breasts. Also, if you are still menstruating, schedule your appointment about 10 days after the first day of your period.

The results of your mammogram will be sent to you and/or your doctor within a couple days.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, either ask your healthcare provider or call the Bridgton Hospital Radiology Department at 207-647-6000.