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Grandparents Classes

Grandparents Classes

Bridgton Hospital offers Classes for New Grandparents

When it comes to newborn care, much has changed over the last few decades. That's why Bridgton Hospital is offering new grandparents a free class. The class give grandparents the opportunity to talk with trained professionals about birthing and parenting changes through the generations.

Many infant care guidelines have changed. For example, pediatricians now tell parents to lay their infant on their backs to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Another change grandparents might be unaware of is that using baby powder while diapering is no longer encouraged, as inhaling baby powder can lead to respiratory problems.

Other topics we will cover include: baby care and infant feeding, swaddling an infant, safety concerns, and ideas about sharing in the family experience and enhancing intergenerational bonding.

For more information: call 207-647-6000.