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Customer Service

Listening to Patients is a Vital Part of Care

Listening to our patients: it is a simple and yet very important concept that CMMC knows is essential to providing the best care.

Every day we hear from patients and their families about their experience at our hospital. Letters, surveys, emails, phone calls and comments from patient rep visits come in expressing people's gratitude for the care they have received. At times we also receive suggestions for how a patient's experience could have been better.

One way we listen is by doing a patient survey by either email or phone to those who use our clinics, our Emergency Department or who come in as an inpatient on one of our nursing units. We participate in a national survey process and are able to compare our results with hospitals around the country. There are specific questions on the survey that cover areas that patients have identified as being the most important areas for them when they are seen by our providers, hospitalized or seek care in the Emergency Department. For example there are questions about providers and nurses treating patients with courtesy and respect and that caregivers are listening carefully to what the patient has to say. Other questions ask about pain management and whether the care team has explained things in a way our patients understand.

We also have volunteers, who are called patient reps, that visit patients while they are hospitalized to find out if they are satisfied with their care and to alert staff if there are any concerns. Nursing Managers and Hospital leaders also visit patients to see how we can improve the care that we deliver.