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Rheumatology is the study and treatment of rheumatic disorders, a wide range of conditions affecting the joints and connective tissue and typically causing chronic pain to sufferers. There are hundreds of diverse and sometimes unrelated rheumatic disorders, many are accompanied by inflammatory symptoms and most cause undue pain in the bones and joints.

Though rheumatic conditions can vary greatly, the goals of treatment are largely the same: To reduce pain and inflammation, to slow or stop joint damage, and to help people feel better so they can stay active.

Preventive care includes immunizations, lead screening, developmental screening and vision screening. Wellness checks and routine physical are an essential part of preventive care. Treatment options for rheumatic disorders, like the conditions themselves, vary widely in style and scope. Therapies may include long-term lifestyle changes, exercise and diet regimens, drug therapies, surgical options, and of course education.

Many rheumatic disorders are difficult to identify in the earliest stages. Rheumatologists have been specially trained to examine areas of pain and swelling and to discover the root cause. As some disorders respond better to treatment in their primary stages, it's important to get a correct diagnosis as early as possible.

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