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Nursing Philosophy

Nursing at CMH

About Us

Nursing Services at Central Maine Healthcare is a community of professionals working together in a regional healthcare system that strives to provide evidence-based standards and consistency in patient care. There are approximately 700 RN's and 300 Certified Nurses Aides in the system regionally. Over 30% of our staff have two or three decades or more of seniority, an invaluable component of our dedicated, committed, professional team. There is a palpable pride as you walk the halls, seeing staff addressing each other with friendly "hellos," as we are often each other's neighbors.

Many of our nurses are nationally certified in specialty areas and hold a variety of educational degrees (AD, BSN, MSN, MHA, PhD, CRNA, CNM, NP). We care for patients across many care settings, throughout the age spectrum; we are involved in all aspects of clinical decision-making regardless of location of nursing practice. We embrace a professional practice model that supports a commitment to leadership, best practice, engaged staff empowerment and outstanding patient care outcomes.

Our nursing service departments all plan for the provision of patient care by delineating the scope of services offered, populations served, staffing/skill mix available, accuracy in assignments, acuity of patients, level of care, nurse-to-patient ratios and competencies in all departments. Clinical policies and procedures are developed from evidence-based practice and research. We measure nursing practice with performance improvement evaluations from organization requirements, unit-specific and population-specific standards.

Our Nursing staff and Leadership Teams are CMH "Pillar" Focused

Pillar at CMMF
Face to face hand over reporting,
Effective Communications (SBAR),
Rapid Response Team (RRT)
Electronic Medical Record (EMR),
Order entry & medication safety
Nursing involved in Patient Safety rounds,
Manager rounds on patients
Customer Service
Speak Up education for patients
Staff hourly purposeful rounding
Communicating with Care
Patient Satisfaction survey results evaluated
Managers weekly meeting
Multidisciplinary Team rounds
White Board communications
Discharge follow-up phone calls
Guest relations specialist
Leadership Development
Regional graduates of VHA Nursing Leadership Institute
Organization of Maine Nurse Execs (OMNE)
Clinical Coordinator education
Advisory board education
Caliper testing and leadership development
Leadership competency model
Strong RN workforce – 70/30 skill mix
AHRQ Culture of Safety surveys and Just Culture education and training
Tuition reimbursement and scholarships for continuing education
National Certification financial support
Electronic Health Record
Weekly multidisciplinary meetings
Ongoing education
New technology
New service lines
New provider specialties
Labor hours managed according to:
  • Nurse to patient ratios
  • Patient intensity of services
  • National benchmark ranges of hours/patient days
  • Staffing assessed continually 24/7 based on acuity and census
  • Done at the bedside – to meet real time patient needs
  • Done by RN's
AHA educational programs offered
Cardiac rehab programs
Community health and wellness programming
Wellness / Fitness Center
Woman's Health specialized education
Senior's Fair
Satellite clinics for specialty services