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Vein Center Services

CMHVI Vein Center Helps With Symptoms and Treatments

Veins stretch as part of the aging process. If the valves cannot close because of this stretching, blood flows backwards and pools in the veins, especially near the skin. The veins then enlarge even more and become twisted.

Most insurance plans cover varicose vein treatment if self-help management has failed to alleviate symptoms.

To learn more about the best treatment for your varicose veins and about possible health risks, side effects, and expected results, call 207-753-3916 to schedule a varicose vein assessment.

Vein Center Services


A diseased vein is removed through a series of very small incisions. Recovery is fast, but the procedure doesn't fix the underlying problem - leaky valves.


Using a small needle, a doctor injects spider veins and small varicose veins with a solution that seals the veins. The treated veins fade after a few weeks, but the same vein may require more than one treatment. This treatment may not be covered by your health insurance.

Stripping and Ligation

A long section of vein is tied off, usually at the groin, and then removed along the length of the thigh. This conventional treatment for varicose veins has been largely replaced by minimally invasive venous ablation.

Venous Ablation

The doctor inserts a catheter into the enlarged vein and uses ultrasound imaging to guide the catheter to the saphenous vein, a major blood vessel in the thigh. The catheter emits radiofrequency energy that closes the vein. This sealing of the saphenous vein typically causes decompression of downstream varicose veins resulting in symptomatic relief and improved appearance. Blood is naturally rerouted into healthy veins and is carried back to the heart more efficiently. This procedure causes less post-operative pain and bruising than vein stripping and promotes faster recovery.


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