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Rural Track Residency Program

Rumford Hospital Site of Rural Track Residency Program

Rumford Hospital, in partnership with Swift River Family Medicine, a clinical department of the hospital, offers medical residents a unique training opportunity. The Rural Track Residency Program offered at Rumford Hospital is part of The Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program.

CMMC is the only hospital in New England that offers a Rural Track Program as part of its residency programs – and one of only five that does so in the eastern United States.

Rural training tracks (RTTs) offers family medicine residents real-world experience at Swift River Family Medicine and Rumford Hospital for the last two years of their residency. Since its inception in 2005, nine residents have graduated from the program.

Having an urban and a rural experience can help residents decide where and how they would like to practice medicine.

Some of the benefits of residency training in a rural area include:

  • More continuity of care
  • More opportunity for involvement in interesting and unusual cases
  • More exposure to procedures
  • More individualized learning
  • Greater opportunity to participate in curriculum design
  • More responsibility for self-directed learning
  • More exposure to practice management
  • More exposure to emergency stabilization
  • Understanding life in a rural area
The Rural Track program truly immerses residents in a small community. It is a benefit to both the residents and to our patients!

For more information about the Swift River Rural Track Program or the The Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program, call 207-795-2803.