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Other Cardiac Testing

Other Cardiac Testing

Rumford Hospital offers cardiac testing with a Holter monitor. The Holter monitor is one method of diagnosing abnormal heart rhythms (known as arrhythmia). Patients wear the monitor for one or two days. Electrodes placed on the chest connect to the monitor, a small device that can be attached to an article of clothing, such as a belt.

The monitor records heart rhythms. Patients may also be asked to keep a record of cardiac symptoms experienced while wearing the monitor. Symptoms might include dizziness, faintness, chest pain or heart flutters.

Also, they may be asked to note the times of day or night when they take medications, exercise or experience emotional events.

The Holter monitor is painless and does not interfere with most activities, other than bathing or water-based activities, as it must remain dry.

For more information about cardiac testing, call 207-369-1131.