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All-Digital Radiology

Rumford Hospital’s Medical Imaging Digital Technology Makes it Easier For You!

The Medical Imaging Department at Rumford Hospital performs a wide variety of diagnostic services, such as X-rays, fluoroscopy, multi-slice CT scans, bone density scans, mammograms and ultrasounds.

We are an all-digital department, which refers to how we capture and store your images. Previously, the conventional method was to capture the image on film that then needed to be developed. This is not necessary with digital images, which are stored on a computer. One of the many advantages of this technology is that a patient’s exam can be seen by any Central Maine Healthcare (CMH) provider minutes after an exam is completed. Patients no longer need to pick up their X-rays and take them from one department to another.

The images can also be viewed at any of our CMH facilities, which include Rumford Hospital, Bridgton Hospital and Central Maine Medical Center.

The radiologist group practice X-Ray Professionals provides interpretations of all medical imaging procedures performed at Rumford Hospital as well as Bridgton Hospital and Central Maine Medical Center.

For more information about imaging services, call 207-369-1131.