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Multi-slice CT scan

Rumford Hospital Offers Multi-slice CT Scans

Computed tomography (CT) scans are diagnostic tools that give doctors a clear “internal” view. Multi-detector (multi-slice) CT Scanning is a detailed type of imaging created after an X-ray tube and detectors located inside the scanner (known as a gantry) rotates around the patient. The patient’s bed also moves in and out of the scanner. As a result, many cross-sectional images can be taken.

Some CT procedures require the use of an oral and/or intravenous contrast media (often referred to as a “dye”, but it is actually colorless).

Rumford Hospital’s Medical Imaging Department performs many types of CT procedures.

They include:

  • CT head / brain
  • CT sinuses
  • CT orbits
  • CT facial bones
  • CT inner ears/petrous ridge
  • CT neck for soft tissue
  • CT abdomen
  • CT pelvis
  • CT spine – cervical thoracic, lumbar
  • CT extremities
  • CTA (Computed tomography angiography) pulmonary studies

For information about CT scans or to contact Medical Imaging, call 207-369-1131.