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Rumford Hospital Offers Digital Mammography Services; Mammograms Save Lives Every Year

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breasts; it is a simple and painless procedure that has saved many women’s lives. An annual mammogram is recommended for women over 40; in some cases, younger women may be screened earlier. Discuss a screening mammogram with your healthcare provider, if you haven’t yet.

Rumford Hospital uses digital mammography equipment; a technologist takes pictures (X-rays) that are then examined by a radiologist. Mammograms, combined with self-exams and an exam by your doctor help discover abnormalities that can be further diagnosed.

Digital mammography is much improved over conventional mammography. Patients have less exposure to radiation. The image also offers better visual detail, especially with women with dense breast tissue. And with digital mammography, the images can be viewed immediately afterwards.

Preparing for a Mammogram

Be sure not to use any deodorants, crèmes or powders under your arms or near your breast on the day of your mammogram. Consider wearing a two-piece outfit, since you will only need to remove your top. We have a couple tips that may also make the exam even easier: reduce caffeine consumption a week or two prior to your appointment, if you have tender breasts. Also, if you are still menstruating, schedule your appointment about 10 days after the first day of your period.

The results of your mammogram will be sent to you and/or your doctor within a couple days.

For low-income patients: The Maine Breast and Cervical Program provides many procedures and services free or at low-cost.

To schedule an appointment or for more information about Rumford Hospital’s mammography services, ask your healthcare provider or call 207-369-1131. We do have evening hours available.