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Menopause Care

Rumford Hospital Practitioners Offers Services for Women With Menopause Issues

The transitional time of menopause affects every woman differently.

Menopause is a part of life; as women age, over time, the body ceases the capacity for reproduction. Hormonal activity and levels change, and these changes may affect you physically and emotionally, to varying degrees. Common experiences include hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and mood changes. Other noticeable physical changes may also occur. For some women, these experiences are tolerable and transitory. If they are problematic, however, and if you notice other symptoms, please tell your healthcare provider.

By discussing your experience with your healthcare provider, you may learn about treatments that can help ease problematic symptoms. Your healthcare provider may also advise you to speak to a specialist, such as an ob/gyn care provider who frequently sees women with menopausal issues.

Most importantly, let your healthcare provider know if you are experiencing changes that are impacting your daily life.