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The Special Delivery Birthing Center

Rumford Hospital’s Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Cares About Your Comfort!

Welcome to the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at Rumford Hospital!

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time in a woman's life. The team on Special Delivery believes that the birth experience involves the whole family in which we are dedicated in caring for.

Rumford Maternity Care & Childbirth ensures continuity of care throughout your pregnancy and delivery. You will have the same provider every step of the way. In fact, 90% of maternity patients get to have their own doctor delivery their baby.

Located on the first floor, Special Delivery features private birthing suites combining the security of new technology with the warmth and comforts of a homelike setting. Spacious and attractive rooms provide an environment where a family can welcome its newest member. In addition to the private rooms where dad or another support person are welcome to "room in", we offer a variety of comfort measures to help ease mom through her labor. We now offer Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide, a safe and natural alternative to help relieve the pain and anxiety of labor and delivery during natural childbirth. Also, our Jacuzzi labor tub is one of the amenities available for mothers during the labor process. Televisions, DVD players, public internet access, CD/cassette players and phones are all available free of charge.

We offer a variety of meal selections and try to accommodate special requests. If you have special diet needs please let us know. There is a refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks and beverages conveniently located right in the Birthing Center. You and a guest will also be provided a special Congratulatory Dinner together before you are discharged from the hospital. RH Special Delivery

Other comprehensive newborn services offered include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Breastfeeding support, which can be provided to you by our Special Delivery Nursing staff. They help to coordinate individualized breastfeeding planning to meet your needs before, during and after your stay in the hospital.

  • Circumcision procedures are also offered by our physicians. Please be sure to check with your insurance company in advance about coverage for this procedure.

  • Hearing screening is a standardized test completed on all newborns before discharge to home. This is a simple, painless test usually completed while your newborn is asleep.

  • Our Special Delivery Staff will also help you complete the necessary paperwork for your baby's birth certificate and social security card.

Our team of family practice physicians and Obstetrician/Gynecologist are available and waiting to help deliver your baby. Should complications arise, Special Delivery has 24 hour cesarean section capability and a direct link to the Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit at CMMC and MMC. Together with our specially trained and certified nursing staff we are dedicated to providing your family with the most rewarding birth experience and enjoyable stay here at the Family Birthing Center.