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Prenatal Services

Rumford Hospital Birthing Center Offers Extensive Prenatal Services

Comprehensive prenatal care services are offered by our team of family practice doctors, obstetrician/gynecologist, anesthetists and registered nurses, who work together to provide you with person-centered care. Rumford Hospital's two primary care offices include Swift River Family Medicine and Elsemore Dixfield Family Medicine. Laboratory services and obstetrical ultrasound are available at Rumford Hospital. Prenatal services available at the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center include Childbirth Education and Sibling Classes.
The Special Delivery Staff meets with every expectant mother at 28 weeks as part of the Partners in Care program. At this time the care team is able to assist her in obtaining the resources she needs for a healthy pregnancy and joyful homecoming after birth. This meeting also allows for mothers and support persons to tour the Special Delivery Birthing Center and is a great opportunity to meet some the supportive staff that will be caring for you and your baby. You will also meet with our anesthesia department to discuss pain management options that will be available to you during your labor. This includes both the epidural and intrathecal pain management options which will best be decided among you and your provider in the ongoing discussion of your birth plan.

For more information, call 207-369-1208.