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Prepared Childbirth Classes

Rumford Hospital’s Childbirth Education Classes Help Prepare Families

The Special Delivery Family Birthing Center and Rumford Hospital’s obstetrics nurses offer Childbirth Education Classes to ensure that our families feel confident and ready to face the wonderful challenges to come. Through discussion, PowerPoint presentations, DVD video clips, plus hands-on-activities, we cover a wide variety of childbirth topics.

Our classes cover pregnancy, labor, labor comfort techniques, Cesarean birth, newborns, postpartum issues and breastfeeding. We practice labor positions, which include using PT balls and the Birthing Stool; develop different breathing techniques for different parts of labor, and learn the vital importance of relaxation. Our goal is for expectant parents to learn about childbirth in a fun, comfortable and respectful class environment.

The birth of your child can be a positive, powerful experience, one that you will carry with you always. Through our Childbirth Education classes, we hope to give you the tools necessary to have the best birth experience possible.

For information about classes, call the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at 207-369-1208.