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Vendor Relations

Vendor Relations

Dear Vendor,

Thank you for your continued assistance and for the partnership that allows us to serve our patients. In an effort to help manage the environment of care and also protect the privacy rights of our patients, Central Maine Healthcare and its affiliated facilities have partnered with VendorMate to implement the Central Maine Healthcare Vendor Program to coordinate and manage all vendor registration and credentialing. Central Maine Healthcare has also revised its vendor activities policy and code of conduct. Please review all documents as provided.

Delivery and Billing

Central Maine Healthcare (CMHC) is an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), therefore these guidelines applies to Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC), Bridgton and Rumford Hospitals, and all of Central Maine Healthcare clinics. Please note that CMMC in Lewiston is the primary receiving facility. All items, other than food and pharmaceuticals, should be sent to the address below.

Delivery Address: Billing Address:
Central Maine Medical Center Central Maine Medical Center
95 Spring Street 29 Lowell Street, Box A
Lewiston, Maine 04240 Lewiston, Maine 04240

All materials shipped must have affixed to the outside of the container a packing list that shows the Purchase Order numbers and a line item description of its contents. Invoices must cite the purchase order number and prices charged shall be equal to prices shown on the applicable Purchase Order. Any differences should be resolved with the Buyer prior to invoice preparation.

Registration and Sign In

Vendor companies and representatives must complete registration in order to continue doing business with CMHC. To register vendor companies must click on the registration link. A Federal Tax identification number (FEIN) and a credit card are required to complete the vendor company registration. Additional representatives only need the FEIN. The cost of vendor companies initial registration is dependent on criterion that is based on representatives access to patient care areas and the scope of products and services marketed to CMHC. Vendors profile placement is determined by CMHC.

Active High profile vendors $250 per year per company
Active Medium profile vendors $100 per year per company
Potential and Low profile vendors $25 per year per company

A valid appointment and current credentials are required for sign-in. The sign-in kiosk is located in the lobby of the main entrance at CMMC in Lewiston. With a valid appointment and current credentials, representatives will be able to print out a single-use identification badge that is to be worn throughout the visit. Representatives must sign-out at the kiosk upon exiting. Representatives visiting Bridgton and Rumford hospitals should continue to use the existing sign-in processes. All registered vendors will be notified via email when electronic sign-in is also available at Bridgton and Rumford.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that patient confidentiality and privacy is of paramount importance at CMHC. It is our expectation that you will adhere to all policies regarding patient confidentiality and privacy and the privacy and security standards contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly knows as HIPAA.

Also posted at the Central Maine Healthcare Vendor Program website and at the facilities individual websites under the link Vendor Relations is CMHC Vendor Activities Policy, Code of Conduct, and Department/Buyer Contact Information Sheet.

If you have any questions regarding the Central Maine Healthcare Vendormate Program, please contact Lori Veaughn in Material Services at 795-2300 or

To start your registration process please click on the Vendor Registration link on your right.