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Central Maine Healthcare Volunteers

CMHC volunteers are the health system’s community ambassadors for healthy and compassionate living.

Our volunteers serve patients, support families, and assist CMHC staff in delivering healthcare services with compassion, competence and dignity.

We welcome and encourage you to consider joining our volunteer support staff. As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop lasting friendships, and take pleasure in knowing you are helping others. Volunteer openings vary on a daily basis and every effort is made to place volunteers with satisfying duties. There are volunteer opportunities at Central Maine Medical Center, Bridgton Hospital and Rumford Hospital

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer openings vary on a daily basis and every effort is made to place volunteers with satisfying duties. Here is a sample list of opportunities at CMHC.

Central Maine Medical Center Emergency Department

The CMMC Emergency Department utilizes volunteers to run errands for the staff. Volunteers also act as a liaison between the patient and the patient's family, keeping the family informed of the status of the patient's care. They also make 'spot checks' to offer magazines and refreshments to those in the waiting area and in the treatment area. Many ER volunteers also just spend time with patients and their families, listening to them and helping them to cope with the current situation. Volunteers work every day of the week, including evenings and on the weekends.

Pet Therapy Program

This program provides patients the opportunity to express themselves by relating to animals. For many patients it improves their sense of well-being. Pet therapy volunteers must be the regular handler of the dog. The volunteer must be responsible, cheerful, well groomed, and possess good communication skills. They must also be able to follow visiting policies and honor confidentiality. Dogs must be registered with Therapy Dogs International or maintained according to the standards of the organization. The volunteer must provide proof of an annual dog license, shot record and national membership card. Dogs must also wear a photo identification badge.

Patient Representative Program

The Patient Representative Program features volunteers who visit newly admitted patients. The volunteer seeks to openly discuss the quality of care the patient is receiving while at Central Maine Medical Center. If there is a concern, the volunteer reports it to the patient's nurse and the guest relations coordinator. Volunteers also provide the coordinator with a daily report to ensure appropriate follow up. Patient Reps act as a friendly visitor to patients and are trained in listening skills, confidentiality and reporting. Many improvements have been made at CMMC as a result of patient representative reports. Patient representatives must be cheerful, possess a positive attitude, be good listeners, and be willing to follow instructions.

Student Tour Program

This is a fun program coordinated by several senior volunteers and the Volunteer Services director. Rumford Hospital annually hosts classes of elementary school students, bringing them on tours of the hospital. Groups consist of children with their teacher and several chaperones. The volunteer's role is to escort the groups to different hospital service area where a staff member will demonstrate the department to the kids. Student tour volunteers must love working with children, be cheerful and friendly, and be effective at coordinating the tours.


These volunteers run errands, transport patients, do clerical projects — in short, they 'do whatever it takes' to get the job done. Volunteers who do this job are always busy!!

Clerical Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed to assist with clerical functions in offices. Duties include typing, data entry, answering telephones, and reception functions. Volunteer Services makes use of several volunteers for clerical functions within the office.

Front Desk

Volunteers are stationed at the front desk in the hospital's main lobby with the Security Department. Front desk volunteers perform reception duties, provide an escort service, and give out directional maps. These volunteers are needed primarily in the early morning hours until noon.