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CMMC Lewiston Faculty

Meet the Faculty & Staff at CMMC's Family Medicine Residency in Lewiston

Donald Woolever M.D., Program Director

Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Fellowship: Faculty Development; University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
Residency: Travis Air Force Base, CA Family Medicine Residency
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Post-baccalaureate Pre-medical: Bryn Mawr College
Undergraduate: Tufts University
Major: History and Anthropology
Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine

I grew up in Upstate New York (i.e. not “the city”) where my father was a college professor and my mother mostly stayed home with my sister and me. Both of my parents were born and grew up in India and all things Indian remained an important part of my upbringing. I developed my own connection to India as a Rotary Exchange student between high school and college and returned to South Asia as a Fulbright Scholar in Sri Lanka after matriculating from Tufts. It was during my time in Sri Lanka and through work with UNICEF that the idea of becoming a doctor first entered my head. That major course correction required a return to school and a Post-bacc Pre-med program where I met my wife, Cindy Dechenes. We both also then met the US Air Force who helped to fund the remainder of our medical education. We had our first child (Kadin) during medical school and the second (Elina) during residency. The Air Force was a great place to raise our young family and we thoroughly enjoyed our tours in Northern California, the “pan-handle” of Florida and Germany. But after 10 years of moving frequently, it felt like to time to come back home to the Northeastern US.

My wife is the Mainer in our family, but Maine does not feel all that different from Upstate New York. When we separated from the Air Force, we knew that we wanted to be in New England and I knew that I wanted to be on a residency faculty. I interviewed at a number of great residency programs in the area, but none felt quite as right as the CMMC FMR. It has a great mix of faculty and staff, interesting and diverse residents and a strong commitment to serving the underserved. It is a great environment for learning family medicine and it is a treat to come to work everyday.

My wife and I are both runners and have run 5 marathons and several half-marathons together. Maine is a beautiful place to run, as well as kayak, ski and hike. It’s a good thing we like to run because we also like to eat and there is lots of great local food! We spend a lot of our time at our kids’ soccer games, swim meets and lacrosse matches. As our history implies, we are also big travelers and seize every opportunity to sample a new destination.

Medically, I am interested in the clinical decision making process, trying to figure out the best ways to measure “health” and capitalizing on the power of the patient-physician relationship.

John Lowery D.O., Ph.D., Medical Director
OMM, Faculty

Hometown: Cumberland, ME
Residency: Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency
Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Graduate School: University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Undergraduate: University of New England
Major: Medical Biology
Board Certification: American Board of Osteopathic Family Physicians

I’m a true “Mainer”—born, raised and educated in Maine. Growing up in Maine, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, from the quintessential Maine summer days at the beach, to the unpredictability of a “wicked” Maine winter. I couldn’t imagine living elsewhere—Maine is truly my home.

My “made in Maine” education began at the University of New England, where I earned a B.S. in Medical Biology. As an undergraduate, I focused heavily on my interests in biomedical research and medicine. Shortly thereafter, I began my formal medical education at the College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNECOM). At the end of my second year, I found myself wanting to better connect my background in biomedical research with my passion for osteopathy. Physician-scientists provide a bridge between medicine and scientific research, so that a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of disease and prevention can be achieved. For these reasons, I chose to enter a dual DO/PhD program, offered collaboratively through UNECOM and the University of Maine. This program served to augment my traditional medical education with cutting-edge neuroscience research.

My research interests focused primarily on drug development for chronic pain and addiction, including mechanisms of opioid receptor regulation in health and disease. My PhD dissertation investigated developing novel opioid analgesics that may be used as potent and safer alternatives to classical opiates, such as morphine, for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

After completing the dual DO/PhD program, I chose to do my clinical training at CMMC FMR. I was looking for a residency program in which I felt part of a larger family; one that worked as a team at all levels in order to provide exceptional patient care. CMMC FMR provided a very supportive environment coupled with exceptional family medicine training, which helped to foster an optimal balance for my personal and professional growth. There were many unique and exciting opportunities that lined up very well with my interests in research, leadership, and medical education.

Following residency, I practiced outpatient family medicine in Yarmouth, before deciding to pursue my enthusiasm for medical education and return “home” to CMMC FMR. As Medical Director, I’m interested in developing effective and efficient models of team-based patient centered care, enhancing access to care, growing our ties to our community, and strengthening our commitment to serving the underserved.

My medical interests include osteopathic manipulative medicine, sports medicine, and preventative care. Aside from medicine, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters, golfing, barbecuing, and kayaking.

Bethany Picker M.D., Academic Director
Women's Health, Faculty

Hometown: Colebrook, CT
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Undergraduate: Bryn Mawr College
Major: Psychology
Residency: University of Colorado, Rose Family Medicine
Fellowship: Faculty Development, Duke University
Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine

I am from rural Connecticut which, despite what you may think, is not an oxymoron. As my brother likes to say, “The town’s population only broke 1000 when the New Yorkers came in the summer.” I loved it there and when I had to decide where to practice, I wanted a similar area. So, after residency I came east to Maine and practiced full scope family medicine in a rural area. Then, I began teaching. It started with a student here and there—my practice was an AHEC site for students from the University of New England. Then I had a Nurse Practitioner from the University of Maine in Orono for a whole semester. I was bitten by the bug and wanted to make teaching a bigger part of my life. Even though I had only been with my patients less than three years, it was hard to leave. I told them the adage I tell myself -“ If you want to feed someone for a day, catch a fish, if you want to feed someone forever, teach them how to fish.” I feel I am helping underserved patients everywhere by teaching residents and medical students. Now, being here with my husband and children, I love where we live and what I’m doing. What could be better?

CMMC Family Medicine Residency is simply a great place to work. I have colleagues that are smart, thoughtful, nice and fun. The residents are an energetic, inquisitive group that keep me on my toes. As Medical Director, I have had the opportunity to work with the staff in new ways and have been equally impressed by their initiative and drive.

Lewiston itself is a nice mix of small city and small town. It is easy to get to the outdoor activities we love as well as a night out in Portland.

My medical interests have changed and grown recently. I am currently the medical director and now have more interest in developing systems of care that treat patients effectively and efficiently. This includes patient safety, developing lasting effective patient relationships and ensuring high quality care. I enjoy thinking about and trying to influence healthcare policy on a national level. I continue to maintain my interest in women’s health including maternity care. I love caring for young families.

Sally Weiss M.S., Program Administrator

Sally Weiss, M.S.
Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Graduate School: Master’s in Health Policy and Management from University of Southern Maine
Undergraduate: University of Vermont
Degree: International Relations and Spanish

I was born in Maine and grew up in the idyllic coastal town of Cape Elizabeth. I spent my summers tromping around on the beaches building sand castles and my winters downhill skiing at Sugarloaf. I can attest to the value of living in Maine. I attended the University of Vermont where I spent much of my free time teaching skiing at Stowe and hiking the Green Mountains. After college, I worked in the health insurance field in various capacities, notably group employee health and disability benefits. It was during this time that my older sister, who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 7, went into renal failure and suffered other diabetic complications. During those years of fighting with the insurance companies, as we tried to obtain approval for a kidney transplant and my sister continued to suffer, I became increasingly impassioned to improve the U.S. healthcare system and its relationship with patients, families and physicians. I enrolled in the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service and graduated with a degree in Health Policy and Management in May of 2012.

While completing my degree, I lived in France and England with my husband, Gabe, where I had my two boys, Henry and Read. While in France, I undertook extensive research of the French healthcare system and its delivery of preventive health services to children and completed my Master’s thesis. I have since become increasingly interested in health policy as it relates to prevention and health care access.
My family and I returned to the U.S. in 2011, and upon completion of my internship and degree, I was able to begin my work in graduate medical education. CMMC Family Medicine Residency is a wonderful place and I am inspired by the passion that its faculty and residents have for the health and well-being of their community, as well as their ability to work hard while remaining to have fun. The commitment to family medicine is unwavering and one couldn’t ask to work with a finer group of people.

My husband and I live in Yarmouth, Maine with our two sons and enjoy being closer to family and friends, as well as the slower pace of Maine life. When not working, you can find us skiing, running, biking, gardening, doing home improvement projects and spending time in the outdoors.

Eileen Cloonan M.D.

Josephine Conte D.O., C-NMM/OMM, Assistant Director ONMM 2 Residency
Integrative Medicine, Faculty

Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Fellowship: Plus One Year in Neuromuscular Medicine at Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency, Augusta ME
Residency: Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency
Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Biddeford, ME (UNECONM)
Post Baccalaureate/Premed: University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME
Undergraduate: State University of New York College at Brockport
Major: Dance, Minor Psychology
Board Certification: American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, American Board of Family Medicine Diplomate, American Board of Integrative Medicine.

I grew up in Schenectady, NY and had been dancing since I was four. My time was spent with my hands in the earth fostering my fascination with the natural world and developing my connection with plants. When I was not up to my elbows in mud, I was either in a dance class or in rehearsal for a theater production. I continued with both these interests through my undergraduate studies so as I dove deeper into human movement, I continued to study botanical medicine in a more formal fashion. I completed a Masters in Herbology through the Emerson College of Herbology and afterwards, moved to New York City.

I worked as a performance artist for the next nine years in New York City. During this time I had an opportunity to learn more about energy medicine while working in a lovely shop in the Village exploring vibration healing, mindbody techniques and eventually completed more formal training at the Swedish Institute for Massage. In New York I met my husband, Nick. One intense muggy week in August we ventured up to Portland with our toddler and fell in love with Maine on the spot. I remember arriving at one am after escaping the city to the cool and misty air of Portland, the call of seagulls and the fog horn sounding in the distance. Needless to say, we returned to New York, gave notice and were residing in Maine by November 1992.

During my early years in Maine I continued to perform and teach dance and at the same time developed my niche providing bodywork and support for women and families in the childbearing year. As a doula and childbirth educator I attended births in hospital settings and in the birth center, witnessing and supporting women becoming mothers and welcoming the newly born in to the world. My role was to create a respectful space which would allow the flow of life to gently unfold.

Osteopathy came in to our lives when my children were young; a very special osteopath treated my family and made such an impact on my view of manual medicine that I was inspired to pursue osteopathy and began my studies at UNECOM. Through my medical training and residency I had amazing support through my community of friends and family and dance folks. I feel a special connection to the coast but am very happy in central Maine with the inspiring faculty, staff and residents at CMMC.

My interests continue in the desire to be an Integrative Osteopathic physician and teacher. My focus is on resiliency and wellness. I bring my tools of touch and movement, yoga, aromatherapy and mind body medicine along with me in the clinic and on the inpatient service.

Thomas Hattan M.D.
Geriatric & Palliative Care, Faculty

Hometown: Princeton NJ
Medical School: St. Louis University
Residency: Internal Medicine, Madigan Army Medical Center
Fellowship: Geriatrics, Puget Sound VA and Madigan Army Medical Center
Boards: IM, Geriatrics, Palliative Care Medicine
Undergraduate: UNH
Major: History

I enjoy living in Yarmouth, a small town in Maine. I am one of eight sons and four daughters of Dr. Richard and Mary Hattan of Salisbury NH and enjoy sports, concerts, books, chores, and gardening.

My journey to Geriatric medicine began at the age of twelve when our demented grandmother had to move to a nursing home. I visited her and was terrified. Not visiting her again for months, she awakened from her stupor to berate me; I was more terrified. I grew. I partially overcame my fears and learned to love the long term care environment. I hope to continually improve upon the care of the frail elderly. I hope to evolve and focus my skills, to teach, to lead, to follow and be a team member that provides a dignified and appropriate system of care for the frail elderly. My position as a faculty member at the Family Medicine Residency allows me the flexibility to practice, grow and teach Geriatric medicine. I am thankful for it and will work to maintain this energy.

Christopher Kitchens D.O.
Integrative Medicine, Faculty

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine
Residency: Central Maine Medical Center, Integrative Medicine in Residency Program AzCIM
Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME
Major: Human Ecology

I am an Osteopathic Family Medicine physician specializing in patient centered care using Integrative Medicine and Osteopathic Principals and Practice including OMT. In addition to my role as faculty I maintain a busy practice within Central Maine Medical Group.
“My mission is to help residents develop skills for culturing patient autonomy through Osteopathic and Integrative Medicine. It is exceedingly rewarding for both patient and provider to develop an integrated healthcare plan collaboratively, putting patients in the driver’s seat of their own health and wellbeing.”

Outside of work, I spend time with my lovely wife and daughters. I enjoys composing electronic music, cooking, camping, hiking, and surfing with my family.

Paige Picard D.O.
OB, Womens Health, Faculty

Paige Picard
Hometown: Manchester, NJ
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Major: Human Development, Psychology
Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine

I started college with the intention of entering medicine, or teaching as a kindergarten teacher! I had the opportunity to participate in many study abroad experiences and journeyed through medical school where I traveled around the country gaining clinical experience. I met my husband, who is from Maine, through our siblings who were working together in South Carolina and I found my way to Maine to complete my medical training. After finishing residency at Maine Medical Center we decided to move farther north to be closer to family, and enjoy the Maine lakes.

My desire to enter medicine stemmed from my desire to stay in school. I loved attending classes, lectures, and learning about a variety of topics. Joining the faculty at the Family Medicine Residency is the perfect fit for me to continue my love of learning through teaching. I like the variety in patient care, patient population, and resident and student experience that Lewiston has to offer and am excited to be part of the family.

I do a little bit of everything from slalom water skiing to ice fishing, crocheting and gardening! I love spending time with my 2 dogs and husband, taking photographs and traveling to visit family. In my spare time I teach Jazzercise classes and like to stay physically fit and active.

Elizabeth Rothe M.D.
Sports Medicine, Faculty

Name: Liz Rothe
Hometown: Leeds, Maine
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Major: Neuroscience and biology
Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Sports Medicine

Dr. Rothe is a family medicine and sports medicine physician who has sought to incorporate teaching of adult learners into her career at every available opportunity. She completed family medicine residency from Maine Medical Center in 2008, and a fellowship in sports medicine from Maine Medical Center in 2009. She works with residents and fellows to teach sports medicine, and she works with the residents in their research endeavors as an encouraging and guiding voice.

As a native Central Mainer, CMMC was a natural choice for Dr. Rothe. She is close to family, and gets to participate in a system that values learning and teaching. CMMC allows her the flexibility to pursue her multiple career interests while maintaining a balanced home life, which is critical to her.

Running, yoga, boating, reading, and playing with my kids and watching them grow, which they do far too quickly. She has in the past enjoyed dancing, knitting, being a foodie, as well as other various endeavors that she will one day take up again when her kids are maybe a little older.

Hunter Sharp D.O., C-NMM/OMM; Director ONMM 2 Residency
OMM/NMM, Faculty

Name: Eric Hunter Sharp, DO
Hometown: Newberry,S.C.
Residency: Alleghany Regional Hospital, Low Moor, Virginia
Internship: Logan General Hospital, Logan, West Virginia
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM)
Undergraduate: Davidson College
Major: Chemistry; Minor Medical Humanities
Board Certification: American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

I served as the DOME as well as the OMM Plus One Fellowship Director at Eastern Maine Medical Center FMR before joining the CMMC faculty in August of 2012. It has been a fun transition for me given that I joined a great faculty group with a long tradition of commitment to osteopathic education. Also I was able to relocate to be closer to my daughter and be more involved in her life than I could be living two hours away. I had known Dr. Rivard, a past CMMC FMR resident, when he was a medical student and had worked with him on various committees through the osteopathic medical education network in Maine. We are making great strides going from “good to great” in the area of osteopathic skill training and have been working to create an osteopathic preceptor of the day, more OMM skills building clinics and trying to increase our inpatient consultations for osteopathy. In addition to my strong commitment to my daughter, I am an avid downhill skier, kayaker, biker and hiker. Living in Maine is the perfect place for this southerner to have landed to live and work.

Deborah Taylor Ph.D.
Behavioral Science Coordinator, Faculty

Hometown: Portland, Maine
Post Doctoral Fellowship: J. Leonard Camera Rehab Center, Columbus, Ohio
Internship: The Ohio State University School of Medicine and Hospitals
Graduate School: Master’s and PhD in Health/Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Kansas
Undergraduate: University of Southern Maine
Major: Psychology

I grew up in a loving family as an adopted only child. I was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 2 and spent the better part of the next several years at Children’s Hospital in Boston. This early life experience drove my interest in the importance of treating patients in context and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs, in addition to their physical health needs. I then decided to pursue a career in Health Psychology as a way of giving back to patients, families and learners in the medical setting.

I have been partnered since 1979 with Louise, who is truly my soul mate (she likes to kid me that she is the only one who would put up with my adopted/only child (aka “spoiled”) behavior. Louise and I are both “Maine-iacs” and make our home in Portland with our 4 felines. I love the 1.5 hour commute daily it gives me time for reflection, satisfying my NPR fix and listening to great music (any genre welcome).

I just started my 20th year with the residency. It is a truly special environment, and really feels like a work “family” to me. As a cancer survivor (and is typical based on the literature about survivors), I am quite intolerant of unhappiness or any perception of wasted time. I experience real joy coming to work every day if I did not, I would have left a long time ago!

Lou and I love to cook, and love spending time with friends (especially having folks over for dinner), we collect antiques (including but not limited to marbles [not to replace ones I have lost I hope], advertising tip trays, women-themed wall art, etc), and enjoy the seasons in Maine. We are lucky to have a lakeside 3 season cottage not far from work and home, which makes spring/summer/fall weekends pure heaven.

My clinical interests center on caring for patients and families around chronic disease and end of life. I also love mentoring learners around having difficult conversations, partnering with patients/families around health and care plans, and realizing the joy of the continuous healing relationship as a gift of being a family physician.

Rick Marden, M.D.
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Marden joined Swift River Family Medicine in 2002. He received his M.D. from Loma Linda University, School of Medicine in Loma Linda, CA and completed his residency training at East Tennessee State University Bristol Family Practice Program in Bristol, TN. His special interests include Obstetrics (including operative), Pediatrics and Procedural Medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his 3 children, biking, hiking and anything outdoors.

Jennifer Fish, L.S.W. MSM-HCA
Case Manager

Name: Jennifer Fish
Hometown: Hebron, Maine
College: New England College MS in Management, concentration in Healthcare Administration
Undergraduate: University of Maine Orono
Major: Social Work

Jennifer serves as full-time case manager for the Family Medicine Residency patients. Should a patient/family need financial, transportation, social service or mental health assistance, the health care providers (residents and faculty alike) can consult with Jennifer about resources to which the patient/family may be entitled. She also provides didactics to the resident group about managing the social concerns of their patients and family members once they are out in community practice. This practice of collaborative care is very good modeling for how residents can work with mental health specialists and to maximize health benefits.

Jen was born at CMMC and raised in this area. Jenn and husband Tom have two children, grown daughter Vanessa and young son Owen. They enjoy spending their free time with Owen and their two dogs. Owen participates in basketball, football and baseball.

Michelle M Tower
Recruiting Coordinator

Michelle M Tower
Recruiting Coordinator
Notary Public

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