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Community Benefits

Bridgton Hospital Community Benefits

As a not-for-profit hospital, Bridgton Hospital contributes to communities throughout the region by analyzing the particular needs of those they serve and then developing and delivering programs to meet these needs. For more information about Bridgton Hospital's community benefit activities, browse through the following documents:

  1. 2016 Bridgton Hospital Community Benefit Implementation Strategy, Board Approved
  2. 2016 Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment and Planning Process (SHNAPP), Cumberland County Report
  3. Maine SHNAPP Shared Community Health Needs Assessments Schedule of Community Forums Report

In 2015, a new process of conducting a statewide community health needs assessment, called the SHNAPP (Statewide Health Needs Assessment Planning Program) was launched. County-level Community Health Needs Assessment reports were produced in 2016; going forward these reports will be used to inform community engagement and action planning by hospitals, state/local governments and other partners. Central Maine Health Care, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, MaineHealth and the Maine CDC are contributing financial support to the study and reports.

SHNAPP Community Engagement Reporting Form

Community engagement means people and organizations throughout Maine are sharing input about the Shared Health Needs Assessment and Planning Process (SHNAPP). Input is collected by people trained to complete the SHNAPP Community Engagement Reporting Form. Please note that in clicking the form link, you will be redirected to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website where you can complete the online form. There is also a SHNAPP Feedback Form for Implementation Strategy.