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Trauma Care

Trauma Center at CMMC

The CMMC Trauma Center team focuses on delivering services in a compassionate manner that includes the patient and loved ones.

Caring for trauma patients requires a fast, responsive emergency medical system and access to a variety of medical and surgical resources. CMMC takes a multidisciplinary approach to seriously injured patients, from admission to discharge. Essential components of CMMC's Trauma Program include: emergency evaluation, resuscitation, stabilization, treatment, and critical care.
Trauma Certification

Trauma is an event that causes injury or a set of injuries serious enough to require hospitalization. About 140,000 Americans die from trauma each year, and it is the leading cause of death for people under 44 years of age. Most major trauma is caused by automobile accidents, but industrial accidents, falls, and violence are also causes. Some 800 trauma patients are treated at the Central Maine Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) each year.

CMMC's around-the-clock trauma service includes:

  • Access to surgical services facilities Trauma surgeons
  • On-call orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery for adults
  • Pharmacy services
  • CT scanning
  • Laboratory testing and blood bank services
  • Emergency trauma resuscitation team
  • Critical care nursing unit
  • Participation in the National Trauma Data Base Registry